Linda Worsley, Composer

Linda Worsley

Linda Worsley is a composer and arranger who has worked in every medium and is a skillful musical artist in a wide variety of styles.

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September, 2001: Report from Kharkov

Linda Worsley was in Ukraine serving as a judge in a music competition as the World Trade Center tragedy unfolded. Read her comments on the competition and her thoughts on events back in New York.

Linda has frequently been commissioned, by state arts councils and private art patrons to create works for a variety of ensembles. Her compositions for orchestra, chorus, and chamber ensembles have been performed throughout the United States, and in Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the Ukraine.

A native Californian, she received her early musical training from composer Oscar Rasbach, and later earned a BA and MA in composition. Her principal university composition teacher was Leon Dallin. In the world of music publishing, Linda has served on the music staff of both Silver Burdett Ginn and McGraw-Hill, where she has contributed to their music textbooks as a writer, editor, and composer/arranger.

She is renowned for her skill at producing recordings, and has created over a hundred and twenty CDs covering every style of music. She creates the recordings for IDEAS products, and writes many of the original instrumental pieces, songs, and arrangements for those projects. She has produced thousands of recordings for publishers, including McGraw-Hill, Silver Burdett Ginn, Shawnee Press, and for individual composers and performers.

Her music has been published and distributed in America by McGraw-Hill, Silver Burdett Ginn, Hal Leonard, Shawnee Press and IDEAS, and in Europe by MusicFabrik. She has scored several films, including theshort film, "The Rescue of Autumn," and the feature film, The Pink House. She is currently working on several commissions and other original works.

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