Rhapsody on an American Theme

by Linda Worsley

Sample page from score.
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Rhapsody on an American Theme was commissioned by a grant from the Barlow Foundation and a matching grant from a private donor. The first version was completed in 1986. The recording is an edited version of the score, created for the McGraw Hill Music textbook series Share the Music in 1995.

It is a set of eight variations on the familiar melody of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Each set of variations features a "choir" or section of the orchestra. Each section--Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, and Strings--has two variations, showcasing the particular timbres and technical possibilities of each family of instruments.

The Rhapsody was again reworked in the spring of 2002, and the revised score and demo CD are now available in perusal copy from Jeffrey James Arts Consulting at jamesarts@worldnet.att.net or from the composer at linda@ganymuse.com.

  1. Rhapsody Variation 2 (0:53) Real | MP3
  2. Rhapsody Variation 5 (0:56) Real | MP3
  3. Rhapsody Variations 7 and 8 (2:06) Real | MP3
  4. Rhapsody Theme: Finale (1:15) Real | MP3

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