The Rescue of Autumn

The Rescue of Autumn is an independent short film by Ian Williams, my son.

I have resisted doing film scores because as nasty as my other deadlines are, they are never as heinous as the ones for movies or TV. And truth be told, Iíd rather just sit and write string quartets and pieces for symphony orchestra. But that music doesnít pay the rent. So when Ian begged me to do the music cues for "Autumn" I agreed, if he would give me enough time. Naturally, I had about a half an hour to create and record the whole thing. The music was written during one hectic day in my daughterís apartment in L.A. A MIDI version of the tracks were recorded that (sleepless) night and early morning in Ianís garage studio just down the hill from the HOLLYWOOD sign, so that a rough copy of the film could go to a screening with music.

The "real" version (with acoustic instruments) was recorded a week later during a far less hectic week in Utah. Thanks to Guy Randle at Rosewood Recording Company in Provo, and the usual suspects in my favorite studio orchestra for bringing "Autumn" to life.

—Linda Worsley <>


  1. Prolog and Title (1:40)
  2. Rescue and Chase (1:09)
  3. Safe Harbor and Roll-Ups (2:01)
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The Rescue of Autumn
Directed by Ian Williams
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